Best Tips for Personality Improvement

Personality is the individual’s specific characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling and behavior. This means that each individual has his own special type of brain schemas according to which he perceives the outside events and individuals. Depending upon his own interpretation about this outside stimulus, he reacts or behaves. This overall process of perception and behavior creates an aura around the individual which determines his survival, adjustment and success in his environment. Around 85 percent of the success and happiness depends upon how the individual interact with others.

Personality Improvement
Personality Improvement

It is the personality which leaves its mark upon the timeline and make you a Mandela or a Mussolini. Innumerable components interact to create it.
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Most of the people are interested in enhancing their looks. Few focus upon personality improvement. The enigma is that looks enhancement has limitations while personality improvement has infinite scope of improvement. Moreover, personality leaves a greater mark than the mere looks.

There are innumerable factors on which the individual can work upon to enhance his personal aura.

list of Personality Improvement
list of Personality Improvement

good listener always enjoys the aspiration. Just look into the eyes of the person in front with facial impression of compassion, understanding and empathy. The listener’s focus should be so centered as if there is nothing in the world except the speaker and his conversation.

No doubt, everyone should have a personal opinion, but its equally important to remain open to suggestions and improvements for the betterment. A rigid personality is never aspired for.

Art of conversation is an important aspect of individual’s adjustment. Just reading books and gaining knowledge is not sufficient. One should know to express themselves in suitable words at the appropriate occasions. Any slip of word or wrong choice of occasion could create trouble.
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Don’t try to imitate someone. Be original. A carbon copy could never be successful.

Humor and fun are important to have a lively personality. No task or position is worthy enough if it takes away your smile.
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Anybody can love your looks but it’s your heart and personality improvement  that makes someone stay with you
Anybody can love your looks but it’s your heart and personality improvement that makes someone stay with you

There is no substitute to a positive outlook. Who wants to remain in the company of an always complaining individual! Everyone gets attracted to someone whose presence energizes all.

Compassion, integrity and trust are other important humanly aspects which are necessary ingredients of a striving personality.

Personality improvement: what's your personality type?
Personality improvement: what’s your personality type?

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