The true nature of God- I still have a question?

The True Nature of GOD- There exist various understandings of the term “God”. It typically varies not only from religion to religion, but also from individual to individual who share the same religious faith. This makes it difficult to define “God” or list a complete characteristic (nature) of God that is applicable to all communities and religions.

The true nature of God- I still have a question: How-God-Displays-His-Character-In-What-He-Made
The true nature of God- I still have a question

However, there lie some common features of the almighty, which most of the religions accept. The concept of “God” is often described by philosophers of religion to be a” 1. Omniscient, 2. Omnipotent, 3. Omnibenevolent 4. Being”. Any “God” that is referred to in most contexts of philosophy of religion must have the above four characteristics, including being a “Being”. Although, this list is never complete and the number of features could be endless just like the vastness of the entity of God. There exist other characteristics of certain “God’s that are not included, for example, “omnipresent”.

The one thing that almost all the regions agree is the existence of God as a supernatural entity, monitoring all our actions and reactions, and awarding rewards and punishments accordingly. But the sufferings of someone thoroughly innocent like a new born with terminal sarcoma, or a 7-year chap going to lose her mother- a 28-year-old lady suffering with Brain Cancer; thoroughly disturbs and make a question upon the existence and justifiability of the actions of almighty.

The true nature of God- Question For GOD
The true nature of God- Question For GOD

Here applies the philosophy of Transferability of Sin. This says that God can transfer the punishment among generations from guilty to innocent. This principle of transferability also applies to blessings.

How far this transferability is justified is a matter of debate. To the mental capacity of most of the mortal beings, this looks inappropriate. But things go like that and we find lot many suffering out of no sin. I have a question my lord- Why are you making these poor guys suffer? Please change your principle of transferability, if it really exists, and don’t let the innocent suffer for the fault they have never committed. Pardon the poor souls; the soul of your own creation and let life prevail for them.


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