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Are You Looking For A New Job? Some Questions You Can Begin To Ask Yourself Are

Workforce back to work: Are You Looking For A New Job?
Workforce back to work: Are You Looking For A New Job?
  • If you were to imagine your perfect workday what would you be doing? What kinds of tasks would you be doing? How would you be interacting with others? How would the environment be like?
  • What are your strengths? What do you do really well and which of these do you enjoy the most?
  • What are your skills? What were you doing in your previous work positions and also since then what skills have you used most?
  • Once you have established some possible jobs of interest, do you know some people currently doing this that you can talk to?
  • Where else might you go interact with people in that industry? What can you do to find out more about these kinds of jobs?
  • If you are committed people will know and feel it based on your attitude, energy, tone and actions. Explore your options. Talk to different people about what you are looking for and you will find something.

Just doing the your job is not enough anymore. To be employed, you must add value.

Are You The Worker A Type Or Worker B Type?

Worker A – Retained

  • Fast worker
  • Thinks out of the box
  • Business builder

Worker B – Retrenched

  • Punctual
  • Clean record
  • Maintain business

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What Are You Saying? Problems at New Job Office.

If your colleagues tend to sniff at what you say before you even get to the heart of your argument, you could be in need a speech fix.

Problem #1: Speaking Too Softly – Gives The Impression You’ve Got No Good Input

Fix It!: Try humming before an important phone call or presentation to improve your resonance. Blend numbers into your hum (“hmmm … one … hmmm … two …) till you reach five. If it’s a confidence problem, give yourself time to hit an assertive volume level, say, within three weeks. Up your volume at every meeting until you reach your goal.

Problem #2: Mispronouncing Words – Lowers Credibility And Makes You Look Sloppy

Go through your speech before the meeting. Check for proper pronunciation with the audio feature of an online dictionary, like Merriam-Webster Online at And remember, simple language is always the most effective.

Problem #3: Using A Question Tone – Shows Insecurity And Sabotages Your Authority

If your colleagues go to you for a solution, you should provide the answer and not turn it into a question that needs validating, for instance, “The solution would be XYZ?” If you want to be treated like an expert, start acting like one.

Problem #4: Using Verbal Viruses – Make You Sound Like A Bumbling Teenager

Pause every time you feel an “um” or “you know” coming. Ask friends to give you a gentle tap each time you let one slip into your speech. Aware of your habit now? Good, now squash it.

Smooth Operator

A bit of confidence is handy to have at work but being narcissistic is quite another matter. According to researchers at the University of Florida, employees who are too full of themselves are viewed as poor team players. If you’re eyeing that promotion, keep this in mind: People who get are often those with that largest relationship base in the office. So spend a few minutes each day schmoozing with your colleagues and be open to other people’s ideas. Click: Advantages of being workaholic

Perk Me Up!

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, try this little wake-up workout: Gently tap the top centre of your head for two to five minutes. A study in The Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine reports that simulating acupoints on your skull and hands may help you feel more alert.

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