Confident expectation of good

A confident expectation of good makes one achieve the most impossible goals. If one expects a negative arriving, the entire zeal for the effort goes within a moment and the person starts programing his mind to cope up with the incumbent failure. This diverts his attention from working towards success and makes him do the things to of avoid failure. The individual fails to deliver in accordance to his abilities and strength, and in extreme cases, even abandons the task midway.

expectation : positive v/s negative
expectation : positive v/s negative

Even before starting of a business, a friend suggests to make the office furniture in such a way that they could be easily disposed off after a year, in case of the failure of the project. Developing and having coping strategy is important if the negative outcome have a life threatening impact or poses a question over the decent survival of the individual. But the universalization of the strategy to plan the ways to cope up with a possible failure makes the individual think more of the steps to escape failure rather than those necessary to achieve success. Another problem of negative thought is that it starts affecting the human behaviour subconsciously. One hardly realizes that the entire thought has embossed him so deeply that it has reduced his entire personality to an impotent, fearful vegetative state.

Positive thoughts are self fulfilling prophecies. They make us utilise every moment towards our goal. Positive action leads to a positive life. You don’t get what you want. You get what you expect.

expectation : self talk

It is very easy to flush the pessimism whenever you identify it. A little bit of positive self talk is sufficient. Just say yourself that, ‘I am the best; I have a sound and well calculated plan; I am focused; I am strong; I will win.

Even if this self talk does not change the situations much, they could definitely change your attitude and make an adrenaline surge to kill the negativity and charge you to start with the double velocity. See the obstacles as the opportunity to test your skills. If your perception is positive, you won the 99% of the game.

expectation : Winners v/s Losers
expectation : Winners v/s Losers

Kill the pessimism,

Emerge victorious!

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