Art of Flirting

Flirting is a gentle way to communicate the other person that you are interested in him or her. This may involve the use of words or some physical activity to let the other person realize your interest.

Art of Flirting: flirting chart-001
flirting chart

Human beings are the only organism to have covert sexual signaling system. All the rest of the organisms use explicit and clear sexual signaling mechanism. This covert practice is covertly called flirting.

Eye contact are the first and most primitive mode of flirting. Studies have shown that a 2-minute continuous eye contact is sufficient to catalyze the development of a passionate relationship among strangers.

Art of Flirting: flirt cartoon
flirt cartoon

Playful touch, smile, pitch and tone of voice, and the facial expressions are few other gears used by human beings to convey their feelings. Body alignment and the interpersonal space can communicate a lot about the intentions. The Dress Effect is another way to reveal your desire to move the relation in the intended direction. That’s the reason, ladies are suggested to dress themselves more meaningfully to avoid any wrong communication.

A wardrobe malfunction could be interpreted as wilful intent and reciprocated in the misdirected manner. Modern technology like WhatsApp and Facebook has given new dimensions to this art of flirting. A teasing comment or a titillating picture on social media could have multiple messages hidden and can have numerous interpretations as per the thinking of the perceiver.

While sometimes, this could be a mere fun, at others, this may be quiet serious in nature. Confidence is the key to a flirtatious behaviour.

quote: real meaning of flirting
quote: real meaning of flirting

There exists a very thin line between flirting, obsession, imposition and indecency. As far as it does not hurt the sentiments of the other person or don’t hamper his/her adjustment, flirting is permissible. But any unreciprocated flirting act can be disturbing for the person in front. One should be extra cautious in this regard.

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