The Unguaranteed Consumerism

Consumerism is a recent event. Few decades ago, things were guaranteed. Manufactures and Traders would give guarantee of their products and services and thus proved their reliability. By providing guarantee, they would proclaim that if their objects and services were not up to mark they would take their product back and would return the money taken from their customers and clients.

In the later part of the 20th Century and in the 21st Century ethical values and trade practices changed. Money, instead of Human Values became important for businessmen. As a result of this, warrantee took the place of guarantee. Now if the customer is not satisfied, money is not returned. The product is repaired or the object is replaced, if the customer is resourceful or powerful. Otherwise the warrantee period is passed by befooling the customer or client.

Unguaranteed Consumerism: service guarantee

Now days, substandard material in charming and adorned bottles or vials and incompetent services from all furnished AC offices are available in abundance. We go to market or malls and purchase various objects needed in our daily life. We pay huge amount of money without knowing whether the material in them is useful or harmful for our health. We are concerned only with the appearance of the packet or bottle and impressed with the presentation, not with the quality of the object.

Modern age is the age of propaganda and consumerism. Our media plays an important role in it. There are thousands and thousands of objects and services that are advertised on TV. There are endorsed by important people specially persons from the Film fraternity. We believe them and purchase these products or invest our hard earned money in them. But the reality is that the people who endorse them never themselves use them. Thus we are cheated by unethical businessmen materialistic VIPs.

Unguaranteed Consumerism: ads

Now the time is ripe that we come out of this nexus formed by dishonest traders and callous racial leaders and save our hard earned money and precious health from the clutches of rising consumerism. There are Consumer Forums where the Complainant may go and get the justice from there. But people are not aware of them. Traders do not let people know of them. Their addresses and the method to approach is displayed on TV screen only once in year namely “The Consumer’s Day”. The need is to advertise them frequently and widely. Consumers should be made aware of the laws which are in their favour.

Unguaranteed Consumerism
Unguaranteed Consumerism

There is also the problem of endorsement by the persons from the show biz and they should be cautious of their social duty. They should verify the worth and utility of an object before endorsing objects which proved to be harmful came up and the VIPs were warned. It is hoped that they will be careful in future.

Consumers should form their own co-operative societies and be a powerful forced to defend their interests and defeat the nexus formed by traders, media and social as well as political leaders and corrupt officers. On then the money and health of common man can be saved.

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