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Rivers of Blood

Festivals are an opportunity to be happy, magnanimous and positive. They are an occasion when we are kind, compassionate and cheerful. On the day of festival, we should love even for the people who...


Mother Teresa: A Saint

I’m proud of being a contemporary of Mother Teresa. Mahatma Gandhi was father of the nation. Mother Teresa was mother of the nation. Both of them were not awarded these titles by ant government...

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Education and Human Values

The aim of education should be to develop nationalism, free thinking human values, fearlessness and wide vision. It is a matter of regret that till now, emphasis has been put only informative aspect of education. Consequently, the modern citizens of India are good technicians, good engineers, skillful doctors, capable administrators, shrewd politicians and diplomats but not good human being

The Secret to Happiness 1

The Secret to Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. It is the result of contentment. That is the reason why man is sad and dejected in the midst of opulence and affluence. Man runs after luxuries to...


HE is the Mindauthor

‘HE is the Mindauthor. HE is the one who writes my mind to get His desired actions done through the means of myself. Everything I do is in accordance to HIS wishes. Everything I...

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Karna: A monologue – Final part

Kurukshetra -The Field of Battle ,last day… Much water had flowed the Jamuna when my mother and Devraj Indra approached me for Pandava’s safety. In the meanwhile, Pandava’s lost their kingdom, wife and themselves...

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Karna: A monologue Part -3

At that time Arjun was presenting some ordinary feats of archery, but he was being applauded very much by royalty and gentry. Seeing this I made up my mind to display my skill. At...