Education and Human Values Part-2

Education and Human Values

Value literally means something that has a price, something precious, dear and worthwhile. Hence it is something one is ready to suffer for sacrifice. Values are guiding principles of life, which are conductive to all round development. They give direction and firmness to life and bring joy and satisfaction to life. Because values have their significance in providing the capability for judgment on issues and problems to individuals and societies in regard to meaningful pursuits their inculcation in an individual is a must and one of the ways of doing so is through the medium of Value Education.

Value Education is education for “becoming” and is concerned with the transformation of an individual’s personality. As such it involves all three aspects of Personality –knowing, feeling, and doing.

Value Education is not synonymous with character training. It is also not social adjustment as it is not so much concerned with what is but with what ought to be.

Value Education
Human values

By ‘Value Education’ we refer to planned education activities aimed at the development of proper attitudes, values, emotions, and behaviors. The phrase has a very wide connotation and covers all aspects of personality development – intellectual, social, moral, aesthetic, and spiritual.

Education and Human Values
Education and Human Values

Value Education has cognitive, affective, and co-native domains. To be educated in values is to be able to think morally, to feel the right kind of emotions, and to act accordingly.

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A good program of value education should seek to develop in the learner appropriate sensibilities in value, enable him to understand and appreciate values and provide suitable opportunities for the student to practice and live by these values.

Value education should be substantive and procedural. It should develop in children the right values and also enable them to think rationally the values to be inculcated. Should represent the best from our tradition and also be in keeping with the demand of modernizing society.

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