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7 tips for effective mind reading

The ability to read someone’s mind is not a supernatural gift, rather this is the mix of careful observation and intelligent and meaningful interpretation of the person’s language and body language, including his or...

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How to break the habit of anger?

Nothing spoils your life as much as your own anger. It disturbs the overall calm, further snowballing into several unimaginable complications. Things go hay way and disturbed to the extent of no reversal. Strangely,...

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Liberation: the true bliss!

Have you ever experienced the bliss of liberation in your life? If not, the life is futile despite having all the achievement and accomplishments! Most of us bear several fears within us which acts...

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How to increase sales?

The art of persuasion is what most of the companies strive for. They want to persuade the consumers into the habit of using their products. Once this habit is nurtured, the history remains to...


The Time Machine

Ever wondered about the existence of the time machine? Some have thought about, while others label it as mere science fiction and fantasy. Still, scientists are struggling to raise the concept above the status...

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Art of life

Insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. How could your similar efforts disobey the laws of physics to give diverse results? And when you don’t find the result different,...

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The Evil Mind

You must have felt that certain people have positive vibes and a scintillating aura all around while others prevail a negative downfall all around. This vibe or aura is the overall combination of their...


The Absent Mind

Mind is the fertiliser to success.Any lacklustre in this regard is going to affect your success. An attentive mind could create miracles. An absent mind could produce failures.