Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev Jayate
Satyamev Jayate

After being released from jail, delivering a speech, Kanhayia Kumar, the president of student’s union of JNU yelled ‘ Satyamev Jayate ’. He said at the meeting held to welcome him that it was his constitutional right to raise this slogan. If the prime minister can say the slogan, why can’t he? Of course he do enjoy the right, but he must remember that he also has certain duties to perform since rights and duties are the two sides of the same coin. He has achieved the first side. Now it is the time for him to realize the second, the side of duty. He should be mature enough not to indulge in the tactics of cheap popularity. He should work hard for the cause of democracy, secularism and socialism- the ideals which are enunciated in the preamble of the constitution and are very dear to him. Only then he will have the right to shout- Satyamev Jayate.

What is Satya to truth? The question is often asked by commoners as well as the philosophers and spiritual leaders. The word is very small and simple to look at but very complex to understand. This is very difficult to realize truth. Truth is equal to God. If you realize it , you will realize God and thus will become inseparable part of divine power by attaining salvation.  For commoners, specially for politicians, who are like the blind, truth is like an elephant. They touch different parts of its body and say truth is long like a trunk or tail or long and thick like pillars or big and round like its belly. They cannot see the whole elephant. Similarly, the commoners and specially politicians, don’t see the whole truth. They don’t realize events in full form. They feel and see various aspects of an event. Similarly, they don’t realize a person’s personality in its full form. They do the postmortem of his personality and select the aspects and actions of their choice. Politicians are very expert in this art. They will fully ignore the positive aspects of an event or a person’s character, if they do not suit their party’s ideology or their own mind. Thus they distort, exaggerate or color the truth. When politicians meet or discuss, truth is the first causality. Thus truth takes different forms. It becomes Congress’ truth, BJP’s truth, SP’s truth and Left’s truth, But it is never truth in its original form. This situation is very dangerous. Deliberate misrepresentation of truth is the root cause of all the turmoil and disturbance in the country and the society. If people and their leaders become truthful, most of the problems can be solved easily and amicably. Click to read: In defense of Mahatma Gandhi!

Let us pledge to be truthful and honest in our dealings, thoughts and actions. I know, we cannot be Raja Harishchandra  or Yudhisthir, and thus are incapable of making supreme sacrifices for the sake of truth . But we should avoid willful distortion, coloring or misrepresentation of truth . Only then we shall be able to establish peace in our society and the country. Only then, our dear mother India will march on the path of progress and prosperity and there will be  a smile on the faces of common son’s and daughter’s of mother India.

Kanhayia Kumar
Kanhayia Kumar, the president of student’s union of JNU

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