Mind of a poet- The art of writing a poem

The art of writing a poem ..! Any poem is not composed out of a total vacuum. Poems are more the literary description of the life passing by and touching your soul gently. The circumstances around ping you repeatedly. A poem is born thereafter. Now the talent of the poet is limited to the extent of his ability to involve his or her life events into the poem through appropriate selection of words and phrases.

The extent to which you get involved at the moment determines your effective talent to produce the masterpiece. The color of Mehdi comes only after getting crushed under the grinder, otherwise, it doesn’t have an appealing color. The same is the condition with life. The more you grind your life, the more you catch the flying moments, the life will show its butterfly colors. The moments will turn eternal in the form of those poems.

Mind of a poet wile The art of writing a poem : Illustrative image of sub conscious level
Mind of a poet wile The art of writing a poem : Illustrative image of sub conscious level

Such smiling, weeping, sad or jolly, angry or dirty moments caught, turn into a poet’s collection. When I turn on the table lamp, I occasionally find small insects hovering around the lamp to find my new poem. Next morning, I collect their dead bodies under the influence of my stinging poems. Someday, this poison will show its effect on the poet too! But the creation would remain forever.

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The poet could open unexpected windows at any point of the poem. He could express his hidden, fulfilled or unfulfilled desires, grudge or anger through the legally acceptable method of poetry, which could relieve him out. The valley could sleep in the poem and the rainy season could commit suicide. There remains no boundary to the thought and their expression through simile.

How could I reveal the way I lost my life?

How could I re-live the moment again?

Someone had kept a beautiful moon on my way,

I stumbled and cracked away,

I hadn’t fastened my foot to hold the moment,

My life fell down, down and down,

The moon has caught the fire today,

From the candle of your birthday cake,

The night will again be illuminated till late,

I will try to extinguish the fire with my eyes,

Thanks for being my inspiration,

And all blissful birthday vibes alive,

Happy Birthday!

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