The sensational journalism

Before the advent of private TV channels, sensational journalism was rare in the media. Only a few magazines were seldom accused of indulging in it. But now a day it has become a regular feature. All the means of media specially TV channels indulge in it to increase TRP. Though they claim that they do not adopt this tactic of sensational journalism. No doubt there is tough competition among the channels, so they have to sensationalise the news to avoid elimination.

sensational journalism: Prince William And his wife Kate at India Gate
Prince William And his wife Kate at India Gate

The latest instance being the news when Prince William, the Earl of Cambridge visited India with his wife Kate Middleton. During his visit, the prince paid visit to the martyr’s memorial at the India gate to pay homage to martyrs not only of world war second but also to the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during Pakistan and Chinese wars. While laying wreath at the memorial, all of a sudden a gust of hard wind disturbed Mrs. Middleton’s white dress and a private part of her body was bared for a moment. Simultaneously, a photographer of the times of India clicked his camera and took a photograph of that embarrassing moment. Thought the princess tried hard to hide it. The next day, the photograph was published on the front page of the paper with the caption ‘’Kate’s Marilyn moment at India gate’’.

The embarrassing photograph of an honourable Princess is certainly in bad taste. It has been published deliberately to increase the readership of a news paper like Times of India enjoying so much repute not only in India but in many foreign countries.

But the matter didn’t stop there. The TV channel known as Zee News organized a discussion to protest sensational news and to preach journalists a lesson on the virtues of good journalism. Listening to this discussion, every right thinking person should be shocked. The channel as well as its anchor Mr. Rohit Sardana seem to be less interested in virtues of journalism and the qualities of a good and dutiful journalist. He showed the questioned pictures repeatedly on the screen. His body language clearly displayed his interest in the sensuous aspect of the event rather than in its ethical aspect. Thus the discussion became meaningless.

An ideal journalist should work for the welfare of the society.  He should be positive in his attitude. His reporting and comments should be balanced and inclusive of all the aspects of an event. He should be impartial in his editorials. An editor should be balanced in his writings, reporting and editorials. In the above mentioned incident, the editor should be held responsible, not the photographer because it is the editor, not the photographer who decides what should be published in the newspaper. A journalist’s profession is very pious important and noble. Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. Media persons are the messengers of Divine Power who have to support and guard democracy. The future of a democratic setup depends upon their sense of duty. So they have to be vigilant to preserve a democratic government in the country. For this, they should prefer impartial journalism to sensational journalism.

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