Good Rapport between Mr. Narendra Modi and Donald Trump

Narendra Modi and Donald Trump…In 2014 Sh. Narendra Modi set a precedence of Political acumen when he defeated his rituals in the BJP and led his party to electoral victory and became the PM of India. Mr. Donald Trump followed suit in America when he became the Republican Presidential Candidate and won the election defeating the Democratic Candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Narendra Modi and Donald Trump
Mr. Narendra Modi and Donald Trump

Before the American Presidential election when Sh. Narendra Modi returned from the American visit after meeting the present American President Mr. Barack Obama who is a good friend, he was asked by media persons about opinion about Mr. Donald Trump who was the Republican Presidential Candidate before election; he replied that he would answer the question after the presidential election. After Mr. Trump’s victory in the American Presidential Election, Sh. Modi Ji has answered the question and raid that he has good rapport with Mr. Donald Trump.

It is natural for Modi Ji to have good rapport with Mr. Donald Trump because both of them strong muscular and bulky body having 56’’ chest. Mr. Trump’s secrets have wider than that of Modi Ji. Both have not very sharp features and both have the same kind of heavy a loud and echoing voice.

Both Sh. Modi and Mr. Trump have the similar nature. Both are firm, resolute and shrewd. They know how to turn people and situation in their favor and face the odd situation and turn it in their favor. Both of them are brave and courageous fighters. These characteristics are enough to establish good support between them.

Chat meme on Barack Obama Narendra modi and Donald trump
Chat meme on Barack Obama Narendra modi and Donald trump

Can our PM Sh. Narendra Modi turns this good rapport with the would be American President Mr. Donald Trump in our country’s favor to save and further our national interests? Mr. Donald Trump has pledged to expel a large number of immigrants from America. It means a large number of Indians working in America will love their jobs and come to Indian as unemployed technicians. A large number of students also will have to discontinue their studies and research work? Will Modi Ji will be able to save them? Will Modi Ji be able to persuade the American President to impose sanctions against terrorist activities and stop support to terrorism of Pakistan? Will be able persuade him not to change America’s policy on Kashmir? Will America continue to support India’s claim to be a permanent member of the security councils of the UNO and as a member of NSG? Will Modi Ji be able to convince Mr. Trump to continue and increase economic and military aid for the defence and development of our country? Will economic and cultural relations within India and America grow satisfactorily under Mr. Donald’s president ship?

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If our PM achieves the above mentioned objectives, it will be said he has indeed, good rapport with Mr. Donald Trump, the would be president of the USA. We hope that our beloved PM will be achieve these tasks and will earn the fame of a capable and successful Prime Minister.

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