Negativities of Donald Trump , the next US President!

Yes, this is what scores! The negativities of Donald Trump are going to make him the next President of the United States of America! If one really knows what narcissistic personality disorder is; and has ever given a glimpse upon the aura of Mr. Donald Trump, one would really be amazed by the extent of match between the two.

negativities of Donald Trump: Donald Trump Narcissitic Personality
negativities of Donald Trump: Donald Trump Narcissitic Personality

A sense of self importance dominates the personality. All the achievements and accomplishment goes to the personal report card. No one else to credit; no one else to thank; just all success is due to him. This is nothing but an exaggerated sense of self importance and desire to get recognition without any actual achievement.

A fantasy about one’s own power, an exaggerated potential myth which might not align with real capabilities. Confidence is a nice thing to have but to say that not only one is all powerful but also all beautiful, shows the false amplification of self.

One needs someone of equal status to sit with, to appreciate and to enjoy. Inferiors don’t deserve the attention nor does they qualify the appraisal. Status quo is of prime importance. Little downtrodden don’t matter at all.

In the words of Donald Trump, ‘All women on The Apprentice flirted with me, consciously or unconsciously. Women find my money and power as turn on.’ Isn’t this a fake myth of self admiration? No matter about the sincerity, one is happy as long as the appreciation comes in bulk.

One is selfish enough to take advantages from others and throw them out once the purpose gets solved. The statement of any of the previous wives of Mr. Donald Trump will show this aspect of his personality.

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Lack of empathy is strangely prevalent. ‘’I will sue her because it would be fun. I would like to take money from her fat ass pocket’’. What personality of Mr. Trump does such statements show- arrogance, contemptuous, patronizing? A sheer Narcissistic one!

negativities of Donald Trump: Donald Trump said ” Obama your fired “
negativities of Donald Trump: Donald Trump said ” Obama your fired “

Come on the people of The United States of America! Welcome your next president, Mr. Donald Trump!

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