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Gross Misperception

We see people distorted through the lenses of our desires, needs and past experiences. It is so immature that we get easily convinced about the truth of our perception despite the inaccurate and incomplete...


Sex Jihad

Sex Jihad: Ever since I can remember myself, my answer to a NO has always been a YES. If everybody wanted a secure career, I preferred business. It was such a big deal with...

Pokémon GO 2

Pokémon GO Mania

  Pokémon GO mania : The latest version launched on July 6, 2016; Within two days of its launch, this was present in 5% of the android devices world over. Within next few, it...

Aptitude Test 0

How to Succeed in Aptitude Tests?

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The Ups and Downs in Life

The journey of life is full of ups and downs. Everyone experiences this rumble. The harder the trek, the greater it makes us learn the lessons of life. Strange is the thing that at...


How to control over emotions?

The emotional ups and downs significantly affect your healthy being. You will be perceived by the people around you by the efficiency with which you manage your emotions and don’t let your behavior get...


How to tell a lie successfully?

Jails are filled with bad liars. The master liars are free outside enjoying their passion. The hardest to detect are the lies which aren’t lie. The person tells the truth in a fashion which...