The biology of mother-child bonding

Mother-child bonding..! The hugs and kisses give to the child are more powerful than they appear. Recent researches have shown that this cuddle connection traverses to the mind and endocrine glands of the baby, making them capable of better co-ordination among the various organs, thus boosting the immunity and ensuring proper physical development.

mother-child bonding: intl india andrea Gore
mother-child bonding

The nipple stimulation by the baby releases the hormone Oxytocin which is also known as the milk ejection hormone. This induces lactation. Another alluring function of oxytocin is that it is to act as the love hormone, which is primarily responsible for the mother-child bonding. It causes a state of emotional high and the similar activity pattern in brain which occurs when an individual consumes morphine or experiences orgasm. This activates the reward center thus easing pain and feeling happy. Greater the oxytocin, stronger will be the bonding.

mother-child bonding: love brain
mother-child bonding: love brain

A research conducted at Pennsylvania university concluded that this oxytocin released during frequent sexual contact, is responsible for the bonding between couples who are otherwise psychologically incompatible. The study strangely found development of strong emotional connection between the call girls and their frequent clients due to the same hormone. The level of oxytocin is found to be higher in monogamous animal and is primarily responsible for monogamy.

The smell connection is another mysterious aspect which involves the pheromones. They are the specific smell released by every individual. The baby easily recognizes the mother’s scent. The kissing act evolved as a loving gesture because this brings the nostrils close to each other, which is the site for pheromone production.

This mystical connection develops stronger with every action of the mother towards the child, be it the gentle kiss, or the affectionate massage, or the bedtime rhyme. Also Read: Tips for effective mind reading

Obama playing with daughter
Obama playing with daughter

More recent studies have found a similar type of hormone named vasopressin, to be responsible for paternal behavior. This is the hormone which promotes the protective inclination in the male towards his mate and the child.

Relations are the beautiful melody of brain chemicals,

Co-ordinate them, enjoy them!

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