Advantages of being workaholic

Much similar to alcoholism, a workaholic achieves the high and a sense of thrill by indulging in the work. The indulgence is so great that this neutralizes the effect of any sort of worldly distraction and disturbances which otherwise had the potential to cause mental agony and trauma. But under the influence of the wine of work, the individual gets so embossed that he creates a psychic barrier around himself, a sense of intellectual isolation and diversion of the intellect towards his work prevails.


Workaholics are driven by the desire of success and is more common in people who are perfectionists. The addiction makes the individual follow the compulsive work at the cost of other aspects of his life. The more they work, the more they get charged.

Followings are main characteristics of a workaholic:

  1. Obsession with work.
  2. Regular preoccupation of mind with work related thoughts.
  3. Loss of sleep.
  4. Paranoia of failure.
  5. Long working hours.
  6. Work as a way to avoid depression.
  7. Unconscious strategy to evade from a disturbed relationship.
workaholic quote-i always feel like i m rehearsing i m a workaholic
workaholic quote-i always feel like i m rehearsing i m a workaholic

Being workaholic can make you achieve the unexpected highs in life which otherwise would not have gained the practical roots. This gives the individual, a much desired identity and recognition. The passion for work makes the individual an all-rounder. His perfectionist attitude keeps him always dis-satisfied with the work of others and to compensate this, he learns all the art himself. Workaholic boss is always free from any sort of nepotism. Only good work attracts his favour. The individual is driven by a sense of pride and satisfaction by his work. He does what he loves, the remuneration being just an added advantage. This attitude of work gains a high place for him at his office and makes him un-compensable.

workaholic Criss Angel
workaholic Criss Angel

Work is the best and  the most fruitful thing to indulge in;

Enjoy work;

Emerge successful.

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