Suicide of Balika Vadhu; Pratyusha Banerjee

Pratyusha Banerjee

A young life cut short; The TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, better known as the Balika Vadhu of small screen committed suicide at the young age of 24. Pratyusha Banerjee hanged herself in her apartment and had her last breath in Dhirubhai Kokilaben hospital, Mumbai. She was reportedly disturbed with the situations shaping up with his boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh.

The incident is really shocking and throws the Pandora box of the mentality which kills his own life. Almost half of the population, when surveyed, was found to have a thought to commit suicide at one point in their life. But hardly anyone does that. Everyone goes through the bad phase in life. But hanging around will eventually make them achieve success. Men often commit suicide because of damaged pride, school-going chaps commit suicide because they fail to get desired marks, the couple takes their life because of a failed marriage and girls often want to end life because of disgrace.

Have one ever thought that Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) was a college dropout, US president Barack Obama’s childhood was very difficult and Gandhi was humiliated by Britishers a number of times. No one gave up, they tried again and again and emerged victoriously. What if they had chosen the same doomed path after suffering the failure or humiliation.

Suicide of Balika Vadhu; Pratyusha banerjee
Suicide of Balika Vadhu; Pratyusha Banerjee

One who suicides is remembered as a ‘COWARD’. Suicide is an easy way of ending pain and sufferings, but can you remember of a single person who committed suicide and is remembered in a positive way? Society laughs on cowards; kids hate parents who commit suicide. Click to read: Mental Depression

If one is really facing a serious emotional crisis which might make the individual reckless enough to commit suicide, one should forewarn himself, and take the precautionary measures. Just take a break from the instigating factors. Think and work upon your interests. Most probably, these negative thoughts will vanish.

Find a way to reduce your pain rather than taking your life.

Life is beautiful, live it!


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