The nuisance of illogical words

‘Dark brown planets have feathery eyes in their charm.’

The above is a statement which hardly has any meaning but definitely has the potential to spoil few minutes of the reader’s life. Have we ever thought that how many such illogical words are bombarded on us in our daily lives which kills a portion of us? A moment dies its sad death and gradually dies our emotion.

The nuisance of illogical words
The nuisance of illogical words

Human beings are social individuals and are programmed to get involved in reasoning and discussions. However, before getting involved into any such debate, one should be doubly sure that you are not the one using faulty arguments. In any debate, this is possible that both the participants, pretending that they are the one capable of separating fact from fiction, enter into a heated argument.

This is important that you don’t create the problem first, specially with those persons, with whom such things are more frequent and likely to happen. In case, you are baited into the inconclusive argument, you should not fell into the trap.

All questions are not meant to be answered!

All arguments are not worth discussion!

All persons do not deserve your attention!

Never wrestle a pig, you both will get dirty and the pig will like it! If the person you are debating has just the intention to arouse you, he will dismiss all your logic and reasoning. If you are aware about this, just save your sanity, your time and your emotions and walk away out of this discussion or ignore this person altogether. You may also choose to maintain your calm and walk away gracefully, just leaving the discussion door open so that the person in front doesn’t mind your walking away.

Sometimes, you are allured to say to the person that he is an idiot, put him head side down, and get him a nice slap. But believe me, slaps don’t change minds. Minds are programmed through years of conditioning and are very very difficult to be changed. Also Read: Creativity Ensures Success

The nuisance of illogical words
The nuisance of illogical words

Don’t dip to the levels of the irrational person. Maintain your cool and realize the time you need to change the way.

Good luck!

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