Insensitive people and Corrupt system

People are so Insensitive now days, In Odisha, a poor man had to carry his dead wife 10 kilometers on his shoulders with his 10-year-old daughter. At Damoh in MP, a poor man has to carry his pregnant wife to hospital on a bicycle and return home in the same way. At Kanpur in UP,  a poor man had to run from pillar to post with his sick son on his shoulders. He got no help from the employees of the hospital. Consequently, his son died on his shoulders.

Insensitive people: Odisha tribal man Kalahandi
Insensitive people: Odisha tribal man Kalahandi

These incidents which took place within a week show callousness and insensitivity not only on the part of hospital and health services, but also of people in general. This shows that we are not fit to be called human beings. We believe in making videos and making them viral on internet, not in helping the suffering man. These incidents and other events pertaining to crime in public and accidents show our callousness and insensitivity that compel to wonder if we are human beings because we have no compassion, an essential quality of human nature. People make system. The system is callous and corrupt because we are corrupt, callous and insensitive.

Insensitive people: poor man has to carry his pregnant wife to hospital From Damoh(MP) to Kanpur (UP)
Insensitive people: poor man has to carry his pregnant wife to hospital From Damoh (MP) to Kanpur (UP)

In the early twentieth century, people were not so self-centered and selfish. They were poor and less fashionable, but they were kind-hearted and generous. They would help one another and united during the time of crisis. Now a day, the advancement of modern means which are regarded as signs of culture and civilization have become self-centered, selfish and violent and so Insensitive. This downfall is the result of stress and tension caused by busy and complex modern life.

Now people have no time even for their friends and relatives. They have no time to fulfill their social responsibilities, nor do they have time to inculcate human values and the values of the Indian culture in their children. That is why, modern generation of youth lacks discipline and moral sense. Our leaders and politicians themselves have no moral sense. What example can they set before the youths of the country. Politicians, irrespective of party affiliation are busy in amassing wealth and power. They are concerned only with votes.

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All this is leading us to doom. If we do not check this downfall on time, we will have to suffer a lot. In spite of material and scientific growth, we shall be doomed and will not be able to realize a modern and humane India which is the goal of our constitution by which we swear.

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