Strategy of goal fixation

What is this goal fixation?

Most of us forget to fix the major goals of life. They feel as if they are flowing with the time without having much control over the course life is taking. The reason being that they have either not decided about the goal of their life, or if decided, not followed the objectively determined realistic pathway to achieve them.

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Goal fixation is a powerful mental process to determine the broad objective of one’s life based upon one’s ability and aptitudes. This also includes setting up several short term goals which need to be accomplished in order to achieve the larger goal. Finally, the effort has to be broken up into the need of the day and the need of the hour on the way towards the goal decided. Life time goals, when seen from point zero might appear to be an overconfident exaggeration of one’s potential. But if broken into strategic steps, things are not so difficult. Click to read: Ten Mantras of Success

There are several life time goals one may wish to achieve. There just can’t be one.

  1. Education- One might wish to achieve a particular educational expertise.
  2. Career- Particular stream or work.
  3. Financial- Willingness to succeed financially to get a comfortable life.
  4. Family- a vision of oneself to have an ideal family
  5. Physical health
  6. Social stature
  7. Pleasure
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There can be innumerable such goals which an individual may visualise to achieve in future. But it is important while making a goal setting that the unnecessary goals are trimmed and only those are fixed which fits the parameters of personal choice and aptitude. While doing this, one should remain honest to himself and look for what actually he, himself wants. This should not be influenced by what one’s parents or wife or friends want. A person who just cannot decide a goal for himself doesn’t deserve this divine blessing called life! Click to read: Tips on Statecraft by Ravana

Once, the broader goal fixation is made, then the needed work should be configured as yearly target, monthly target and finally the daily task which one need in his strive. All efforts should be subject to regular review in order to check fluctuations and get the necessary corrections in the course.

Self confidence and continued motivation are essentials to any successful accomplishment.

Have a vision,

Move calculated,

You can move the world,

All the best!

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goal fixation: be proud every step take towards goal life quotes sayings pictures

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