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how to pass any job interview: Key points to remember

A job Interview is the first step towards any successful professional career. This deserves due preparation, both physical and mental.

My son was looking for placement after his graduation from a private engineering college since he had missed campus placement due to a trip abroad. After applying at a number of places he finally received his first interview call. My wife told me about his next day’s program and we were hopeful of a good news. He was to go with one of his friends.

The next day at the appointed time he was ready to go when I happened to meet him to give last-minute tips for how to prepare for a job interview. To my surprise, I found him very casually dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. I told him that this is not the way to go for an interview as this is first impression one makes. He did not seem to agree to say that this was the trend these days.

My efforts did not yield any results as my wife also sided with him for obvious reasons that I at my age did not know the latest trends. This was in spite of my telling them that due to my being in the placement industry I knew better. Anyway, we hear the call bell and his friend walks in fully and properly dressed for an interview. Seeing him thankfully our son got into panic mode of changing into an appropriate dress. Yes, it is well known that fathers really cannot convince their children especially sons. This incident has prompted me to write down my views for others though umpteen amount material is available on the internet.

job interview tips Job interviews Do's and Don'ts
job interview tips Job interviews Do’s and Don’ts

Interview for a job is the first step for any professional for stepping into his chosen stream and deserves due preparation both physical and mental. We need to understand that this is the first impression that lasts and it will be so whenever one changes his job. The first and most important step is to learn about the company one is going to join. Their website and brochure etc are the best sources. This will help in modulating the professional replies more so one’s own suitability in the job chosen. Knowledge of the expansion plans and future perceptions would be clear. The owners will be very pleased to know this and questions will become more focused.

The next step is to modulate your CV to suit the job chosen. Many a times one has seen people carrying one standard CV for all the interviews. The impression it creates is that the employer has to fix a person whereas the impression should be the other way around. Let the CV tell the business house as to what you can do for them than them to fix the interviewee. It helps in prior short-listing and one will definitely find one as part of it.

Sit down and introspect on your knowledge, visualize the questions that may be asked. Interacting with some one knowledgeable would not be out of place.

how to dress for a job interview? Dress code For Job interviews!

job interview- dress code
how to dress for a job interview – dress code

Prepare your dress for the day. If one can find out the likes and dislikes of the board may give an added advantage but this should not become overbearing. Dress code for summers generally is a dark trouser and light shirt or a lounge suit with a matching tie with trouser color or somewhat same color shoes depending on the weather.  Chappals of any kind are out and are considered derogatory. Socks should match the shoes color or the trouser. White colored socks are out. Preferably one should have a black/dark brown colored trouser and white shirt for such occasions. Do get hair dressed and other grooming done. Some say that some of the corporate encourage casuals but a little formality on this occasion is preferred. Let us not get carried away by what employees of GOOGLE do while working which in any case is after one starts working. Boots should be neatly polished. Ladies may also plan formals like a sari/ salwar suit / trouser and a top/ corporate suit with simple foot wear. Very high heels and gaudy foot wear is to be avoided. No jeans.

Portfolio for Job Interviews | job interview cv

job interview- portfolio
job interview- portfolio

Prepare your portfolio carefully. Preferably have a check-list so that one does not miss out anything. It must have two hard copies of your CV, original along-with photocopies of testimonials and writing material. The folder be made in a manner that all documents can be accessed easily. All these preparations are to be done on the eve of the interview and in case one has to travel away then prior to undertaking the journey.

On the day of the interview ensure that one reaches the venue at least 30 minutes in advance to fulfill any formalities that may be required. Route to the location and mode of transportation be tied up accordingly. On arriving at the venue announce yourself to the staff/ reception and do the documentation as required and wait. Good business houses always make reasonable arrangements for waiting. While waiting one’s conduct should be of sobriety as none likes loud-mouths.

job interview- expression and body language
job interview body language- expression and body language

The job interviewee will be informed of his/her turn. Please get up deliberately and take stock of your turn-out. Set your hair etc before moving to the assigned hall. On reaching the door, halt and have a look at the panel, wish them appropriately i.e. if there is a lady say – good evening / morning lady/ ladies/ gentlemen and if there is only one person then wish accordingly. Move to the chair placed and stand behind till one is invited to sit.  Sit straight and do not put hands on the table if it is close. You may keep your portfolio on the table.

Approximately 45 minutes are reserved for each interview and invariably the first question is asking about the welfare of the interviewee on his stay and travel/ reception etc. This is basically to put an individual at ease. The reply should be brief and positive unless there is something grossly wrong which could be in the know of the interview board. After the initial exchange of pleasantries, the board members will ask questions on covering the professional and managerial front.

Answers should be brief and to the point with no waffling whatsoever. In case one does not know the answer it is better to admit and move on. I recollect that an unsuccessful individual asked me the reason for him missing out when he deserved more than anyone else. On seeking clarifications, he admitted to answering to a question which indicated that he would have used the company as a stepping stone to fulfill his ambition somewhere else. When asked about his ambition he replied in a manner that his answer did not fit into the design of the company. His aim in life did not match with that of the company. Obviously the company, if have an alternative available even a notch lower, would prefer the other person than a more qualified person who may leave to fulfill his ambition. Therefore, one needs to be careful in answering in a manner that it tows the line of the company.

Harvard Study has proved that wrong hiring costs a company  24 times the package they would have paid an individual if a replacement is to be hired. This includes the cost of the effort put in for selecting, training him, and the business they would have lost. It is therefore, necessary that one prepares well before the interview for success. One should not get into argument on any issue. Just express your views and even if the questioner presses on with the question, answer patiently to the best of your knowledge without taking out any mistakes of the questioner. It is the interviewee being tested and not the board member. Show your testimonials only if asked. There will invariably be a discussion on package. Indicate your present package and your expectation. It is preferable to find out this detail as to what pattern the company is following and if it suits one then indicate as per the company norms.

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Once the job interview is over, collect your portfolio, get up as quietly as possible, stand behind the chair and wish the board members and move out. Follow the instructions as given. This a brief for a corporate job interview. As far as defence forces are concerned an individual is checked in 15 qualities by a board consisting of five members including a psychologist, as mentioned in the Appendix and by and large these are applicable in the civil. In fact, sometime back there was a trend in the civil to recruit candidates who have qualified in the defence forces interviews.



Factor 1 – Planning and Organization.

(a)             Effective intelligence.

(b)            Reasoning ability.

(c)             Power of expression.

(d)            Organizing ability

  1. Factor 2 – Social Adjustment.

(a)             Social Adaptability.

(b)            Cooperation.

(c)             Sense of Responsibility.

  1. Factor 3 – Social Effectiveness.

(a)             Initiative.

(b)            Self-confidence

(c)             Speed of Decision.

(d)            Ability to Influence the group.

(e)             Liveliness.

  1. Factor 4- Dynamic.

(a)             Determination.

(b)            Courage.

(c)             Stamina

A total of 15 qualities are assessed and based upon these, the selections are made. If one sees these dispassionately, this is what is required in the corporate sector also. However, the trainability factor is also kept in mind.

Prepare well,

Emerge successful,

All the best!

job interview -you are hired
job interview -you are hired

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