Friendship Day

Today, friendship day is being celebrated across the globe. Life evolve, and so evolve every relationship. This applies to friendship too. It is a beautiful relation which is fully based upon the personal choice and commonality of interest.

Happy Friendship Day
Happy Friendship Day

However, it is really sad that there are several factors which poison this relation divine and makes the friends, who were each other’s shadow at a time turn face apart on the present encounter.

Few of the factors which kill friendship are as under.

  1. Difference of opinion: Its not uncommon to have difference of opinion among the two individual. However, differences should be talked in a healthy manner. Don’t turn a blind eye towards the problems and let it magnify.
  2. Ignoring the silent cues among the friends could be disastrous.
  3. Don’t discuss the mutual differences with the third persons.
  4. Lack of adaptability as a demand of time create differences. Different phases of life like childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age keep different expectations from the same friend. Friendship should have the flexibility and elasticity to fit the specific age related expectations.
  5. Whenever negativity creeps with your relationship, it’s time to introspect the cause and try to mutually resolve the roots before it spoils the charm.
  6. Equal reciprocation and contribution are the fertilizer to a good friendships event. One-way intention can’t be sustained for long.
  7. Friendship can’t be sustained for long with the support of skype or WhatsApp. Occasional face to face meeting and get together makes one nostalgic and helps one revive the old charm in a new way.

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Friendship is not meant for selfish people. They will see the hidden interests behind every intent or action of his or her friends. They can’t feel the warmth behind because they, themselves lack the empathy.

Friends are born, they are not made. You will realize when you meet the right one. Enjoy friendship. Happy Friendship Day!

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