How to cure Drug Addiction?

Cure drug addiction Problem..! Westman in his famous book “The Drug Epidemic, what it means and how to combat it” (1970) outlined the observations that seem to hold true about the broad problem of drug addiction in various settings. These are given below:-

  1. Drug Addiction like other human behavior has no single cause.
  2. De-Addiction is interwoven with the entire fabric of human problems existing in our society.
  3. No single group of individuals will ever be able to contribute to the growth of de-addiction, let alone eliminate it.
  4. Progress in working with the problem of drug addiction will be effective if a comprehensive approach is used.
  5. The success of efforts to cure drug addiction will depend upon the degree to which related social problems are simultaneously attacked. Also Read: The purpose of life
how to cure drug addiction
how to cure drug addiction

Thus an effective strategy for combating the problem of drug addiction can include following measures –

  1. Setting up De-addiction and counseling centers to assist people in giving up their habit of taking drugs.
  2. Creating community awareness through mass media.
  3. Removing poverty and illiteracy.
  4. Stringent penalty for drug pushers and smugglers.
  5. Encouraging parents to play a positive role and try to help their drug addict ward (if any) in overcoming his bad habit.
  6. Use of group psychology. Drugs are often taken under group pressures and therefore under group pressure individual can be compelled to leave his drug taking habit.

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how to cure drug addiction: Punjab's Drug Menace
how to cure drug addiction: Punjab’s Drug Menace

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