International Yoga Day 21 June

International yoga day is celebrated on 21 June every year since 2015 after declaring 21 june as yoga day by the United Nations General Assembly on 11th december 2014. Yoga is absolute union; union with self; union with one’s environment. This is a state of complete coherence. The lack of difference blesses the practitioner with complete peace or the highly aspired state of enlightenment. In the vicinity of coherence, hostile tendencies get eliminated. Internally coherent system has the ability to repel disruptive forces. Non-coherent minds get easily disturbed by external forces.

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yoga day: Shahid Afridi

Imagine a state where there is no disagreement; where you are happy with your own state of physical presence as well as with the others’. Now might be yoga day promot it in more and more.

Biological coherence means that the right and left hemisphere of the brain remains connected and the neurons fire in synchrony. Imagine the state where you could employ the total mental potential focused at a single task. The individual achieves the ability to work for the desired target without any interruption with a divine devotion. If achieved, this state could create miracles.

Yoga Day: Focus Factors
Yoga Day: Focus Factors

This deepest state of silence within is very important for a stress free orderly brain functioning.

On practical front, such state could create a motive, attitude and emotion aimed at: –

  1. Better interpersonal understanding
  2. Development of common motive, attitude and emotion
  3. Share the common good
  4. Pro-social thinking
  5. Empathy, affiliation, friendship and acceptance
  6. Development of positive goals
  7. An altruistic attitude (Serving others and being devoted to others)
  8. To inspire others to develop their own positive goal
  9. To help others in need

The above attitude could lead to the development of complete cohesion and unison which is the ultimate aim of Yoga and yoga day will going to promote it more. Click to read: Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga Day: At-a-glance-Bab9741
Yoga Day: At a glance-Baba Ramdev

International Yoga Day should not be made a political extravaganza. It is our politicians who show the profound non-cohesion among themselves. The government should be the innocent mirror of the collective consciousness of the nation. You may also like: Yoga therapy; Contemporary view

One nation one thought is the idea which could help India acquire the status of universal yogic guru.

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