Laws of Disassociation of Love

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Love is the universal flow of energy among the individuals pulsating the overall feeling of well being. Individuals perish but love energy survives for ever. People meet and feel connected. Emotional outpour joins them and the feeling of difference disassociates them.

low of Disassociation of Love: Emotionless
lows of Dis-association of Love: Emotionless

First law of disassociation of love: Law of emotional blunting

Due to obvious differences among the individuals in their pattern of thinking and perception, the two show lack of emotional response. Despite the physical presence, intellectual and emotional connection fail to establish. The participants tend to avoid the company or enjoy the group activity. Calmness and non-reaction to instigations are the characteristics of this phase.
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Second law of disassociation of love: Law of Voluntary disassociation

This involves the decision to avoid engaging in the emotional connection, for one’s own mental stability and spiritual hike. One starts to maintain boundaries for the sake of psychic integrity and to avoid the conflicts. All the steps are necessarily deliberate under the second law. This is a technique of emotional boundary management.

The two laws eventually lead to the stage of emotional detachment where the person gets desensitized to the public opinion acquiring the stage of ultimate freedom or bliss.

low of Disassociation of Love Quote
low of Disassociation of Love Quote

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