The Power of Silence !!….

Power Of Silence …

It is as important to cultivate your silence power as it is your word power. Quote by William James,

Human life is quiet diverse. There are two aspects of every experience, thought, and behavior. For example, sadness or happiness, loosing or winning, failure or success, and like wise. Similarly, to speak or to remain silent. Human beings can express their feelings through a clear voice.

Have we ever realized what have we gained or lost with this divine ability blessed upon? Everyone wants to give a speech in the society today. Polluted minds are igniting fire in the social setup. These emotionally biased speeches has lost the sense of civility, decency and sensitivity. If we apply a little mind, we would realize that, why not we maintain a little silence and save ourselves from falling into the trap of such complexity. Silence is a way to our inner consciousness. People who practice silence for longer duration ( Vipassana Meditation ) are able to more meaningfully analyze their personality and frame their behavior constructively thereafter. This gives us a more lenient view towards ourselves and the society.

power of silence

Language is a divine gift……don’t misuse it !!

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