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Tips on Statecraft by Ravana

The most revered Hindu Epic Ramayana sheds light on the life of Lord Rama, the crown prince of Ayodhya who was exiled for 14 years by his father King Dasarath and step – mother...

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Education and Human Values

The aim of education should be to develop nationalism, free thinking human values, fearlessness and wide vision. It is a matter of regret that till now, emphasis has been put only informative aspect of education. Consequently, the modern citizens of India are good technicians, good engineers, skillful doctors, capable administrators, shrewd politicians and diplomats but not good human being

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Karna: A monologue Part -3

At that time Arjun was presenting some ordinary feats of archery, but he was being applauded very much by royalty and gentry. Seeing this I made up my mind to display my skill. At...


Karna: A monologue- Part 2

But my misfortune did not spare me even at the ashram of Guru Parshurama. Everything was going on normally. Guru Parshurama was quite happy with my behavior and performance. One afternoon, resting his head...


Karna: A monologue – Part 1

I regard myself as the leader of the downtrodden. Others may consider differently, but I don’t care because; Now, who shall arbitrate? Ten men love what I hate, Shun what I follow, Slight what...