Why do we Forget Something?

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2 Responses

  1. joe says:

    Why do we forget somethings while we remember certain things for a lifetime?

  2. Arun Jha says:

    This can be illustrated with a simple experiment.

    Take a piece of chalk and write few lines on the board. Change the pressure on the chalk for each line.

    Try to erase them off later. The one where you applied a lot of pressure will be difficult to erase. There the thickness of the line depends on how much pressure you applied. Now map the above like this.

    Lines -> Incidents in memory
    Board -> Brain
    Eraser -> Time

    Our memory is similar to it. The ones we most think of or make the impression, will be remembered for a long time. Here the impression is dependent on how much happiness/sadness you experienced. The others will get faded away with time easily.

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