How Boost Self Confidence!

how boost self confidence
how to Boost self confidence

How to boost self confidence? Although, the word self confidence bears the word self, but for most of us, this gets shatters the moment someone outside makesAlthough, the word self confidence bears the word self, but for most of us, this gets shatters the moment someone outside makes us feel inadequate, indecent or inappropriate. Just this is to notice that we have been trained in a manner so as to seek social affiliation for every step of ours.

We have been nurtured as followers and not as decision-makers. Since very childhood, one is trained that a good child is one who is obedient. The moment one disobeys, he becomes a traitor. The child rearing practice has very less scope for innovative ideas and ventures.

Not surprising, India is a country where there are more followers and less innovators. Innovation is a deviant behavior which needs to be corrected in the eyes of society. The moment one takes this divergent path, the person is socially out casted and his confidence level shakes.

how to boost self confidence
how to Boost Self Confidence

Now, it is important to understand that the self-confidence we are talking about, lies within us. A person with strong self-confidence hardly deviates due to the opinion of his family or society. A mature individual has all capabilities to assess the situation objectively and decide his best possible action plan.

Once the decision is taken based upon the well-calculated minutes, the person should not shake his belief just because someone has expressed his doubts about our stand. This confidence should emanate from within. It is only one’s self who could defeat us. No other person has been contributed to this capability. Our confidence can lead us to mars and a shaken one, to the darks.

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No one else in the society has been bestowed with some extra power with which he could visualize our forthcoming success or failure. If someone says that, it is just their own imperfection or failures which they just project upon us.

It is not necessary that if someone else has proved to be a failure in a specific concern, we also will be a failure. Tasks have to be done again and again to achieve perfection. Once the confidence is shaken, failure is the demon chasing behind.

Have confidence on your decisions,

Yes! You are right…..!

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