Blame Game: Trick of blaming others for our own mistakes

Blame Game: Trick of blaming others!! ”I failed to understand what I was being told; I failed to stand up and be counted. Therefore look no further; I am guilty of allowing the Columbia to crash.” –Launch Integration Manager N. Wayne Hale Jr., after the Columbia space shuttle explosion which killed seven astronauts.
Learn the art to blame others. You can’t lie in peace without blaming others for your own mistakes”- Anonymous Known while preaching the younger one.

Blame Game: your problems are your own. you don't blame them on others (Albert Ellis Quote)
Blame Game: your problems are your own. you don’t blame them on others (Albert Ellis Quote)

To blame others is the most common defense mechanism to escape out of guilt and evade responsibility.
1. Blaming protects self esteem by avoiding awareness of our own shortcomings and failures.
2. Blame is a destructive weapon used as an irrational tool while in conflict or emotional turmoil.
3. It is easier to accept someone else’s responsibility than accepting own mistakes.
4. People keep a blind eye towards own mistake, either consciously or subconsciously.

Blame Game: Responsibility and Blame
Blame Game : Responsibility and Blame

Self justification and blame game distorts reality. The more we realize our fault, better we equip ourselves to handle the situation by our fault finding. This prevents small problems growing into big ones. A snowballed mistake can crush relationships and ruin the career. You cant learn from your mistakes until you acknowledge them.

Self justification and Case building makes the relationship cold and ruin the charm. You may win the battle but you will loose the war. So it’s better to drop the event. If your goal is peace, it’s worth dropping your guards and turn a deaf ears towards the idiocies and behave nicely towards the other.

When we feel triggered, we should focus on relaxing and postponing our reaction. You should be open to feedback and keep all channels of communication open. Also Read: Regarding Your Stupid Complaint

Owning up our mistakes help us take the responsibility of our life. End the blame game.

Kill the ego, Heal the life!

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