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Education and Human Values- Part 3

Education conducted in its true spirit, should lead to the development of human personality in all its richness – intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual. Tragically, such is not the case in reality. For...

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Education and Human Values Part-2

Education and Human Values Value literally means something that has a price, something precious, dear and worthwhile. Hence it is something one is ready to suffer for sacrifice. Values are guiding principles of life,...

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Education and Human Values

स्थित्प्रश्यस्य का भाषा समाधिस्थस्य केशवः I स्थितधीः किष् भासेत किमासीत व्रजेत किम् II What is the mark of a stable mind and established person in Samadhi (Perfect tranquility of mind)? How does the man of a stable mind speak? How does he sit? How does...