Why must we need something known as ‘ feminism ‘ ?

Let’s Know about Feminism..! As the rain pours down with all its might, I sit on my balcony with a steaming cup of coffee while streaming through the daily newspaper delivering news and gossips of celebrities world over. My eyes wander through the various reports but suddenly freeze upon a word.

why we need feminism?
why we need It?


Apart from the dictionaries and the Google definitions, feminism in layman’s language means supporting females in any field and in any form.

For the longest time, I thought feminism is an essential part of our patriarchal society but now when I think of any logic behind it, I seem to be in dearth of it.

Why must we need something known as ‘feminism’ ?

Why not have a society where there isn’t any requirement to have existence of such a concept ?

Why women need to be feminists to maintain their stands and raise their voices ?

In a better and equal world which is highly desirable by all of us , there wouldn’t be parents wary of their daughter’s safety or there wouldn’t be any case of women’s dignity being at stake for that matter.

And the underlying fact that this highly desirable world can be realisable makes it all the more desirable.

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The bottom line is – Every woman is a person of her own identity and own choice. Try and learn to respect it because it’s really not that difficult.

And speaking of feminism , we will discuss it when a term like ‘malism’ will exist.

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