Virginity- A big issue over a small tissue

Virginity, chastity, maidenhood, virtue, honour and purity are the words taken quiet synonymously. I feel baffled by the argument that the true virtue originates out of the small tissue called Hymen.

Why Do Indian Men Want a Virgin Bride?

The fact is that the hypocritical men don’t prefer competition and comparison. They are insecure about their own sexual capability and potency. What the hell of the idea is that their wife would go into bed with a measurement tape! Jealousy and insecurity are the main causes behind the thought. Jealousy because she might have enjoyed the sexual encounter and insecurity because he feels as if his wife is comparing him to her ex lover and he might get proved to be on the lower side. He wants to give his bride the only and best sexpirience of life. So, procuring a virgin wife is the best way out to save himself out of the competition.

Most of the Indian men demand for a virgin wife (the demand being disguised in the statements like- a girl with Indian values).

The Virgins – short film

Medical helplines have ample number of queries about Hymenoplasty, the surgical method to restore virginity and replace the small tissue making the big difference to the forthcoming married life. The psychological satisfaction which the idiotic husband gets the shape of a guarantee card to the happy married life.

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The past of a person should have no active role to play in the present married life. Jealousy, suspicion and secrets kill the marriage.

Purity lies in the mind and heart of the partner, not below the navel.

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