Things are valued not as they are, but as we are…..!

Things are valued as we are…! A diamond in garbage doesn’t loose its worth. Rather, the one who miss to notice the diamond looses his fortune. It needs an expert eye to identify the worth of a gem.

Emotion play a larger role in this regard and affects the way people view and see things. Emotions influence people more than logic at times, and sensory perceptions could be affected by emotion as well.

We can see that what we perceive is a reflection of who we are. Our psyche and characteristics, along with emotion and memory can change the way we perceives things, making us unique from one another. Overall, we do see and understand things not as they are, but as we are.

Sensory perception is a way for us to perceive and understand the world as it is. It includes the five major senses: smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing. This way of knowing, however, can differ from one person to another, varying due to various factors. We do not experience the same things; but rather, different things based on our personality characteristics.

A person’s emotion can clearly take over what they see and how they perceive different things. Emotions are powerful, and more often than not, emotions could easily take over a person’s psyche and mentality. Emotions affect people’s decisions and senses to a great degree.

The popular sayings such as “love is blind” or “fear has many eyes” all boast some form of truth in them.

Those who are fearful bear a heightened sense of paranoia and are more inclined to ‘sense’ things that are not present. Likewise those who are lovestruck tend to become blind to the faults of their significant other that other people could clearly see.

An individual judge another person or object in the light of his own knowledge, experience, and attitude. This is possible that the same object has drastically different worth assessed by two different assayers This doesn’t improve or diminish the inherent worth of the object. This remains the same.

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