The wrong choice of words

Words bind the individuals; the wrong choice of words makes them apart. Words make the miracle possible and these are the words that make the disaster happen. Emotions lie in our heart, but the feelings get expressed through the voice. Few mortal beings have the capacity to look within the heart, the rest just hear the words. These are the words that create an aura; the overall personality of the individual.

Many feelings lie within the heart of an individual. However, only those who get their expression through words make an impact on our surroundings. The rest just remain buried within! I can make the entire world a large fanfare through the choice of my words. Things would become easy and life- streamlined.

Good words create hypnosis– a charisma. Words can make emotion downpour which could be converted into a workforce energy making possible, the almost impossible.

If the manager within a company is able to make the employees emotional about their work, he could infuse participative management; i.e. participation of the employees in the entire decision-making process. This creates a sense of belongingness and responsibility ultimately magnifying the output.

A good manager is also a good leader. An effective leader always has an exceptional talent for communication. The selection of words is very very important to motivate the workforce.

wrong choice of words

However, if the words are ill-chosen, they could infuse poison into the ecosystem, making the components apart. Psychological warfare is a technique in which the defense forces deliberately infuse wrong information among the masses of the enemy nation, thus splitting them apart into factions. Words have the capacity to make you an Obama or Osama.

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Human nature is such that the individual bears mixed emotions. Some of them are negativities like jealousy, enmity, etc. An individual should learn not to let these social retarders emerge through our lips.

Some would criticize this approach as being diplomatic and deceiver. But, if wrong words are not uttered, they make the underlying grudge, gradually vanish from the heart.

On the other hand, if the things are emitted through the vocal cords, they reinforce the prejudice within, ultimately delivering the gain to none.

Don’t make the wrong choice of words:

Make life easier!

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