The Time Machine

The Time Machine
The Time Machine

Ever wondered about the existence of the time machine? Some have thought about, while others label it as mere science fiction and fantasy. Still, scientists are struggling to raise the concept above the status of mere hypothesis. However, the wish of every mortal remains to travel in time to change his present and future. Strangely, none has done so far!

However, I would hereby prove the existence of the time machine based upon 2 principles and 3 tricks.

Principle 1: Past is a dynamic target

Whatever is happening today will become the part of the past tomorrow. So, if we could avoid the mistakes today or do the desired things, the past of tomorrow could be easily changed.

Principle 2: Whole of our past is mightier than its individual parts

Past is not counted in bits. It’s the collective magnitude of success or failure. Every bit you are adding today will collectively make your past and decide your future. Click to Read: Power of Subconscious Mind

Three Tricks to modify your past:

  1. Admission of mistakes: The first step towards past modification is to admit the mistakes we have committed in past. A denial mode will make us repeat the mistakes and further deteriorate our past.
  2. Apology for mistakes: Once we admit of our mistakes, apology is the second step which motivates the subject not to repeat the retarders.
  3. Abstain: Once realized, this is not difficult to abstain oneself from repeating those mistakes so that our past could get enriched rather than stigmatized.

There is no doubt that we all make mistakes as a part of development which somewhat retard our desired growth. However, to turn a blind eye towards those mistakes and stand by our rigid illogical actions or repeating them again and again will further add to the complexities of our past. Intelligent is not one who doesn’t make mistakes. Rather, intelligent is someone who has the potential to identify his mistakes and reduce their frequency to minimize their quantity in their past and to enrich their future with the consequential positive impact.

You don’t need a time machine if you know how to make your present. The time will turn your slave!

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