The Silent Idea

I can give you innumerable ideas, so many preaching and thoughts. But the real idea lies within your own self. i.e. the silent idea.

Sri madhuji quote: silent idea
Sri madhuji quote: silent idea

This is more fruitful than any word said, or uttered. When you just keep a mum and give a glance at the thoughts crossing your consciousness, you will get amazed by the innumerable array. The calm of a silent mind has the potential to get the wildest and most creative ideas flourish out of its fertile soil. Silent mind nowhere means closed mind. This is an alert and awakened mind. This is away from the influence of any sort of distraction which obstruct the free flow of ideas. The superficial perception of joy or charm prevents the outcome of a creative mind. When we close the psyche from all the superfluous perception, novel ideas generate.

Osho quote:  just being silent (silent idea)
Osho quote: just being silent (silent idea)

The silent mind could get extraordinary out of the ordinary. The ideas would be always basic. Don’t discard them out of their simplicity. The super-computers are also made out of a simple atom. Its the organisation which determines the success. Don’t get disheartened by the mass criticism of your simple formulation. Everyone knew the wheel, but it was Baron Karl von Drais who came up with the idea of Bicycle.

silent idea: monkimage

Ideas might be silly, but its our mind which makes them important. If you react to every thought, your mind will act like a celling fan dissipating energy all around. Such a mind can’t be expected to get a focused outcome.

Discipline of words and thoughts are very important to achieve this state of mental silence. Don’t say a word unless you can say it to everyone. Word with emotional negativity, when uttered disturbs our own mental equilibrium. Say what you actually mean. No non-sense uttering of words or mental repetition of cursing ideas! This negatively impacts our self-esteem. Abandon the habit of inner chattering. This acts as the mind cleanser. Don’t make statements unless you are sure about their truthfulness.

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self disciplined-quote by Napoleon Hill
self disciplined-quote by Napoleon Hill

Gradually, you would realize that how your outside world changes to your expectation as you transform your inner core.

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