The psychology of the winning team

Yesterday, team India registered its amazing victory over Pakistan at edens. Of course, the hard work materialises the victory, but it’s the distinguished psychology of the winning team which carries it forward the cup.

psychology of the winning team
psychology of the winning team

Following are the main attributes of the members of a winner team:

  1. Attention
  2. Motivation
  3. Motor co-ordination
  4. Self confidence
  5. Reaction time
  6. Emotional stability
  7. Killer instinct
  8. Aptitude
  9. Attitude
  10. Level of aspiration/ goal setting
  11. Physical fitness

These characteristics are the individual attributes of the players which ultimately decide the might of the team.

Focus is the complete attention to the execution of the skills. This checks distractions. This may be achieved by the practice of yoga, meditation, and behavioral self-control.

The team must be aware about it’s strength and weaknesses. Micro and macro-level analysis of the opportunities and threats are equally important. Increase in awareness will facilitate realistic goal setting and increased self-confidence.

Mental toughness i.e. the ability to perform under stress is equally important for true sportsmanship.

A successful player always relies on vivid imagery of the plays to come and sharpen his tricks beforehand. This helps to prepare for events that can’t be easily simulated for practice. This programs the nerve pathway that controls the correct execution of skills.  This can help to experience the imaginary achievement of the goal without physically achieving it. This expands the limitations of skills and abilities.

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psychology of the winning team
psychology of the winning team

Effective goal setting is likely to help the sportsman perform better, concentrate better, suffer less stress, show more confidence, and feel happy with his performance.

An athlete has his ideal psyche-up state i.e. he doesn’t display his best in useless times, rather he conserves it for crucial time. Strengthened focus and improved concentration are very much important in sports.

Every sports involve some physical activity, but every sport is a mind game too. Winning becomes easier if one has the winner mindset.

Train your mind,

You will be the winner!

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