The promoters of corruption

Have we ever thought, who really are the promoters of corruption?

Mr. Vijay Mallya, a free lance politician, an independent Rajya Sabha member enjoying the patronage of both, the UPA and the NDA, an unethical business tycoon, a physical heavy weight has eloped to London with Rs. 9000 crores. Now, both the UPA and the NDA are fighting kushti over the issue, blaming each other for lending him money and supporting him, while both of them are equally guilty of favoring him unduly and unjustly.

There are three glaring recent examples of corruption. The first is Sahara-shri Mr. Subrat Roy: the second is Mr. Lalit Modi, the BCCI chief and the third is Vijay Mallya. Mr. Subrat Roy was sent to jail for cheating his customers and gobbling thousands of crores of their hard earned money. He has not been granted bail by the supreme court and has been living in the jail for years. Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya have been allowed to escape to London by our corrupt system and politicians and live there luxuriously, though they are insolvent in India , their own native country.

Why was Mr. Modi and Mr. Mallya allowed to escape while Mr. Roy being put behind the bars? Mr. Roy, perhaps owes allegiance to Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav’s samajwadi party. That’s why, he didn’t enjoy the patronage of UPA or NDA either. So, he is being treated strictly and not even granted bail. Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Mallya has several godfathers in these two political combines. So, both of them slipped away from the country with the connivance of their political bosses in spite of committing economic offences of grave nature.

Both of them claim that they are innocent and not absconders. Both of them promise to return. But when? On this point, both of them are deliberately silent. Most probably, they are never going to return, unless they are compelled.

Mr Modi and Mr Mallya represent the rich and influential class of Indian society having political and economic power. They are granted loan by the banks, not on the basis of their actual assets, but on the basis of their market creditworthiness and brand value. They take the loan of thousands of crores and when they are asked to repay, they just declare themselves insolvent in their country and flee to foreign land leading their a luxurious life. On the other hand, there are small farmers and middle class people who are granted loans on strict terms and conditions. If they fail to pay just a single instalment, strict penalties are clamped upon them. Their farm lands and properties are auctioned. They are humiliated and harassed to the extent that they are sometimes forced to commit suicide. Is this justice? What kind of democracy is this in which the rich enjoy special rights and the ordinary are suppressed and harassed?

Promoters of corruption

How long will this depressive scenario persist? How long will the poor and ordinary citizens of India suffer? This will continue as long as people submit to suffer and do not find a capable leader to represent their pent-up feelings.

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