The Power of Will – I can do it!!!

power of will:  I can do it!!
power of will:  I can do it!!

Let’s See How the power of will works? There were two children in a remote village. One was 7 years old while another was about to be 9. Both enjoyed the company of each other. All the games together, all the pranks together.

One day, as they were playing, unfortunately, the elder one fell down into a well. He cried for help. The younger one looked around if there was anyone available to help. Alas! No one was there. By chance, there was a rope lying. No idea how to save his friend, the younger boy threw the rope inside with the another end with himself. With all power and strength, he tried to pull the rope with his friend hanging. Guess what! He saved the life of his friend.

Now both the friends returned back their home, quiet afraid as they thought that their parents would scold them for playing negligently when they would come to know about the mishap. However, their apprehension was wrong. No one scolded as no one believed their words. Quiet obvious, it was hard to believe that a 7 years old boy could pull a 9 year one out of the well all alone. Everyone thought of them to be quiet expert at airy talks except an old man of the village for whom, everyone had due regards. The old man believed them. Now people asked him the basis of his belief. He simply said that the children are saying what the truth is. The incident required a quick reaction to save a life.

There was no one there to remind the younger boy about his physical limitations. He didn’t know the concept of physics involving the laws of gravitation or a pulley. The accident solicited such a quick response that there was no time for the younger one to evaluate his limitations. The only thing he was aware was that he had to save the life of his friend. No other thought, no other distraction! Just a focused mind with a sincere effort made him achieve a nearly impossible goal.

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will power: I can!!!
will power: I can!!!

Distractions are bound to happen on our way towards a goal. One should train his mind to ignore them and keep the goal-focused. A solid determination is sure to move mountains. I am reminded of Manjhi-The mountain man.

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