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In his famous speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc, said that since past 33 years, when he rise up in the morning, he goes in front of a mirror and asks himself that will he do the same thing which he is going to do today if he comes to know that this is the last day of his life? He further suggests that one should live his day as if it is going to be the last day of his life. Of course, the speech was impressive and came from a source that is having a very high acclamation quotient, but the point of view doesn’t find its practical relevance in the life of a common man.

If a fine morning, one gets a supernatural power and comes to know that today evening he is going to die: will he be doing the same things which were planned by him for the day, viz. putting the washing machine on work; getting the Mac book repaired and sticking to the non-ending nonsense advertising campaign going on at workplace; The answer is, of course, a big – NO. Then what would a common man like to do?  Maybe that he would love to spend the day with his loved ones; complete the financial formalities. Also one might like to say sorry to a few.

Now, what if one starts behaving in the same fashion every morning under the baseless impression as if he is going to die? This would spoil his professional career, bring an end to any financial planning for the future, and fetch him a label of melancholic insane.

With all due regards to The Steve Jobs, this vision for life is not a practically feasible one. Rather, each day should be spent with a view as one would never get a chance to re-live this day; as if this is the first day of the long journey. One should plan his day in a fashion so that it makes an optimal contribution towards the future plans and goals.

A day wasted is the day lost out of life.

A day used meaningfully is a day earned.

Do earn a day every day,

This will sum up and make you immortal!

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