Regarding Your Stupid Complaint

During ordinary conversation, people too often complaint about each other as well as others. Nothing unites two people more than a common dislike. People find the easiest way to communicate is through criticising someone. This gives a feeling of self-perfection and helps to get rid of any responsibility for unpleasant situations. This is a kind of negative self defence with which one gets programmed since childhood through poor parental role models. This develops into a habit which is used to express the pent up frustration irrespective of the genuine stand of the object of complaint.

Regarding Your Stupid Complaint
Stupid Complaint

All this torment has its own ill effects. Chronic complaints are the hallmark of a dis-satisfied soul. The chronic complaint is a frame of mind; a disposition of heart that seems to find the dark side in every person or situation. It consumes a lot of energy and heads us nowhere. Every time we complain about something, our brain releases the stress hormone that harms the neuron in the area used for cognitive and problem-solving functions.

The psychological implication being the negative attitude and opinion and the poor inter-personal relationships. The complaint is not a strategy of winners because all of us have finite time and energy. Anything wasted in this regard is hardly going to help us achieve our goals.

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Stupid complaint : Maslow’s Hierarchy for complainers
Maslow’s Hierarchy for complainers

Absolute complaint ban is nowhere the choice of the mortals. But of course, there lies a midway solution which could help you get rid out of the negative emotions by following the below-mentioned tips:

  1. Differentiate between an observation and a complaint. It is important to recognize the situation for what it is and take the necessary steps towards improvement.
  2. Keep a check on the frequency of your complaining habit.
  3. Leave the company of chronic complainers. You will have to be quiet brave and confident as not to need the good opinion of another person.
  4. Train yourself to be less judgemental.
  5. Accept responsibility.
  6. Choose between complaint and happiness every time you open your mouth.
  7. Learn the art of positive complaining. Find the solution in every complaint you wish to make. If its just regarding a past event about which, hardly anything could be done in present or future, it is better to keep the mouth shut.
  8. Try to see the positive side of every complaint. A doctor made you suffer the pain of syringe to save you from the string of twinge. Don’t complain, rather thank him!
  9. Change from a complaining voice to an appreciative heart.

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