Psychology of a Rapist

Frequent incidents of rape often make us wonder about the psychology of a rapist. Sexual arousal and violence are two opposite things for most of the normal men. How could one maintain a sexual arousal in the state of profuse violence and resistance is a point of research for most of the studies undertaken in this field.

A demonstrator holds a placard as she takes part in a protest rally in New Delhi on December 27, 2012. Several hundred people gathered in India’s capital on Thursday in a bid to rekindle mass protests over the gang rape and ferocious beating of a young woman, who was airlifted to Singapore overnight for special hospital care to save her life. REUTERS/Mansi Thapliyal

Studies have shown that most men get turned-off on sexual violence under normal conditions. But a normal man who has been drinking or who has become angry at a woman or who believes that she was “asking for it” can often be capable of getting aroused by violence. It doesn’t mean he’s necessarily going to rape, but it means he can get aroused by the idea, which is a necessary precondition for rape.

There are men who are always occupied with a fixed sexual fantasy, which they try to act out in the rape, such as a fantasy in which they force a woman to have sex, and she then falls in love with them. This is a unique fancy-hood lived by the rapist. These are the least aggressive of rapists and are the most likely to flee if a woman puts up a strong resistance.

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Psychology of a Rapist
Psychology of a Rapist

A man who treats a woman like a queen is proof that he was raised by one”. This is a popular saying, however, in India, particularly rural India, which is ridden by illiteracy and poverty, there are no queens to raise such men. Instead, the women are suppressed and the boys are raised with a certain disregard for them, the laws and even other people in general (they are not scared of anything).

This nurtures a sense within the mindset of men that women are mere commodities which could be used as per their will for the purpose of work and joy. This gives rise to consumeristic gender disregard, further compounded by illiteracy, ignorance about law, and lack of conscience. Click to read: The Psychology of Politics

Four typologies for serial rapists include-

  1. The power reassurance rapist (the least violent)
  2. The anger retaliation rapist (motivated by a desire to hurt women)
  3. The power assertive rapist (expressing virility and personal dominance)
  4. The sadistic rapist (intent on inflicting psychological and physical pain).

Men rape for different reasons and they commit rape in different ways… any man or group of men who could commit such a heinous act on women cannot be normal and must be psychologically disturbed and would have a serious personality disorder.’

Don’t diminish the line between humanity and bestiality and make the human civilization ashamed of your existence. No means- No and you should stop then and there giving the right to body to the opposite sex.

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