Power of obsession

The power of obsession is so immense that one could harness it to achieve the most impossible, in a flick. Often, the word obsession is perceived in a negative glance. This makes most of us deprived of the achievements which could be made through the use of this mental asset. Obsession is the repetitive thought and compulsion is the action following this repetitive thought. It’s a fire ignited within the mind; always flaring, always motivating the action. Have we ever realized what all could one achieve if one is capable of instigating a positive obsession and trapping it to fuel the progressive action?

The movie FAN is going to be released this Friday. This is a story about an obsessed fan of a movie star. The entire life of this fan revolves around his admired star; just no world beyond that! Masses are obsessed about T20. One often read a newspaper report about the nuisance created by an obsessed lover.

Obsession makes people forget all their limitations and practical barriers- be it social, psychological or physical. Just a clumsy state and the goal in mind; a focused approach; complete focus; absolute state of oneness; no distractions!

Bhagavad Gita : Power of obsession
Bhagavad Gita : Power of obsession

So what’s the result? The individual performs all his actions without letting the thought of failure haunt him or without making the practical appraisal regarding the achievability of the goal. Work is done at its optimum irrespective of the outcome or result. An obsessed action is just the practical adoption of the message from Bhagavad Gita, which says, ’not to worry or desire for the result but perform one’s karma’. Oh! What a beautiful state where goals are so easy to achieve! Where the work achieves a state to intoxicate the person and make him do, forgetting his identity, rather merging his identity with the action. The soul is put in the action performed- absolute no existence of the individual beyond that action. The identity melting and taking the form of this work. The product is an absolute masterpiece, a work of art; a work never seen before.

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The individual gets all success. But in fact, this is the obsession which makes him so.

Forget your identity,

Just karma- the absolute karma,

Karma will make your identity,

Identity beyond the boundaries of time and space.

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