Poverty of Culture

Our poverty of culture against the regional languages has been much prevalent since time immemorial. Shakira, who sings in her regional language can be a chartbuster world-over, and she is known as the super star of the world. But the sad part is that if we introduce someone like Sharda Sinha, we will introduce her as a regional singer. I disagree! She is not the singer of regional songs; rather she is the singer of Indian-ness, the true spirit of India and this need to be accepted by the whole world. If we ourselves could not come out of this mental inferiority, then we don’t deserve the capability to get our language, it’s much deserved pride and

Why is this necessary? This is necessary to keep our coming generations connected with the rich cultural heritage we have inherited. The disconnection becomes evident when a 12th class student at the gate of Delhi Public School asks the guy selling- Bhutta for a Handle wala popcorn. He feels as if the corn has been fixed upon the stick manually. If the new bride asks for lemon early morning, this no longer conveys the good news to the mother in law; this might be just to relive her of the last night hangover.

I occasionally get a glimpse of a TV serial which is continuously being broadcasted for last innumerable years. That’s the story of a large family, quiet complicated, involving marriage, divorce, remarriage and having many illicit relations amongst themselves, and many children are there as a result of those relations. The serial is strangely known as Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata hai! So many children, but don’t know what this relation is known! Only the DNA test could find what should this relation be called! The alarming thing is that I find my 5-year-old little one, unintentionally watching this serial while he waits for the next program of his interest called Siya Ke Ram. Also Read: Gem of Life

Poverty of Culture: Quote by Irina Bokova
Poverty of Culture: Quote by Irina Bokova

This is a planned attack on our culture and traditions from the silver screen, which needs to be countered, otherwise we would be mere machines without any cultural traditions and emotional charm. Things would never be the same. I feel sorry losing the charm of cohesion we used to enjoy at the Chatth Ghat. I feel sorry being uprooted from those days back in which the entire village used to walk in the same direction towards the ghat on the chatth evening.

Let’s preserve the memories. Let’s preserve life!

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