Physiological Problems during Old Age

The common physiological problems during old age are –

  1. Decreased work efficiency.
  2. Frequent illness.
  3. Loss of control over mind and body.

This Problems During Old Age leads to

  1. Excessive display of emotions like anger and hostility more frequently and arability.
  2. Social withdrawal and emotional insulation.
  3. Depression, grief and feelings of helplessness.
Physiological Problems during Old Age
Physiological Problems during Old Age

Measures –

Physical and physiological decline is inevitable as age progresses. Their rate can however be reduced by proper diet and other precautions. The vertical counselling of old people so that they can understand their problem an also help specially to check their overreaction to their problems.

Physiological Problems during Old Age: aging-factors
Physiological Problems during Old Age: aging-factors

Sensory Decline and Associated Problems during old age are

The decline in sensory organs starts in the late 40s and this decrease becomes more pronounced with advancing age –

  1. Change and loss of taste occurs because of atrophy of taste buds and especially those at the end of the tongue sense of smell is also reduced.
  2. Decline in sensitivity to pain and sensation of touch due to loss of receptors and drying and hardening of skin.
  3. Decline in efficiency of eyes and perception of color.
  4. Upset in labyrinth and kinesthetic sensations make elderly people liable to falls, trappings and imbalance.
  5. Deterioration in hearing occurs in old age. This decline in hearing ability is generally for high pitched sound or high tones.

Due to aging these is deterioration in various sensory systems especially auditory and visual. This makes the person more suspicious because it reduces the probability of reality testing and this perhaps the reason for developing the paranoid tendency among older people.

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National Institute of Mental Health Studies shows that there is strong relation between hearing loss and depression. Hearing loss causes greater social isolation than blindness. It has been seen that during communication deafness and badly articulated speech are potentially more conflicting with social interaction. This also creates misunderstanding. Diminished visual capacities also increase dependence of oldies on others and thereby their freedom is curtailed.

Decline in taste buds kills the pleasure of eating and this may cause digestive problems during old age, since the food is not chewed but engulfed. Loss of sensitivity problem during old age makes old people less responsive and alert. However, it must be conceded decline in sense organs in general causes decline in alertness, agility and responsiveness of old people.

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