Liberation: the true bliss!

Liberation…! Have you ever experienced the bliss of liberation in your life? If not, the life is futile despite having all the achievement and accomplishments! Most of us bear several fears within us which acts as the barrier between our life and the happiness. Days and years pass, and so passes the life. But we miss the final stage of accomplishment i.e. self-actualization, as described by Maslow; or Nirvana as called by Buddha; or Moksha by Mahavira. it is the highest and the noblest objective that a soul should strive to achieve. A liberated soul is said to have attained its true and pristine nature of infinite bliss, infinite knowledge and infinite perception.

LIBERATION : the true bliss
LIBERATION : the true bliss

Fear is the biggest hurdle on the way of liberation. Fear of losing health or wealth, or loved ones is among the most common types of fear which cripple the majority of the masses. The silly thing is that everyone is aware of the fact that someday, he has to shed this body and go for some heavenly abode. Despite, one keeps on accumulating the things as if he has to be here for ever. Satiation from wealth, salvation from attachment and self-embeddedness for happiness are the keys which could bring about the liberation.

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LIBERATION : the true bliss
LIBERATION : the true bliss

Starvation is no remedy to achieve a state of super-metabolism. Likewise, this state of liberation could be achieved only after all the fields of attachment and indulgent behavior are explored to the extent that it remains no longer lucrative. However, individuals get fixated at different stages of development as described by the eminent psychologist Sigmund Freud. This fixedness to different stages of the development acts as the barrier to the path of liberation. Once, the activation energy to cross the barrier is achieved, a chain reaction of mental radioactivity start, ultimately illuminating the psyche with the charm of liberation.

Don’t waste the day in the routine vicious cycle;

Liberate yourself !!

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