I Killed Someone Last Night

I killed someone last night. I have no idea who was she!

It was the usual weekend evening when the sudden lust for blood popped my mind. This was not the first occasion when such galore incubated my action. I walked out of my office cum residence with my little bag with not so little knife in it. Moved out to hunt, I found my target soon. Someone careless, walking down the pavement of a solitary street. My innocent looking face always provides me an edge in any crime I commit. It was the fault of the lady target to be present at the location. I was just doing my duty to clean this world out of an evil force.

I killed someone last night- Monsters are real.... Quote by Stephen King
Monsters are real…. Quote by Stephen King

By this time, it was dark sideways with occasional street lights flashing. With the swiftness of a wild cat, I jumped upon my target leaving it zero time to respond. Rotating the neck clockwise, and the knife sulking besides the spines, I was getting bloody spurts on my bottle green Kurta giving it a brown color. This is interesting to note that green and red are the two colors capable of fully neutralizing each other causing a brownish appearance. Equally neutralized I was getting with my quenching thirst. I was enjoying the last shivers of the departing soul. The warmth of the bio-fluid touching my cheeks tingled my soul to feel this heavenly merger I was facilitating. I was enjoying every moment when it was suddenly interrupted with a phone call of a colleague regarding the PPT prepared- the two contrasting scenes were handled by me with equal calmness. I was enjoying the lust every moment. I was among the very few in this mortal world who has the privilege of cutting a beating heart as per my wish and desire. I was feeling blessed. I was feeling empowered. I was feeling almighty. Also read: Punishment as a deterrent to crime

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The next morning, I am feeling rejuvenated while writing this blog. I am feeling charged. I am feeling His divine power within me. I am wearing my new Kurta, this time it’s white in color.

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