How to tell a lie successfully?

How Tell a lie Successfully? Jails are filled with bad liars. The master liars are free outside enjoying their passion.

how to Tell a lie Successfully
Tell a lie Successfully

The hardest to detect are the lies which aren’t lie. The person tells the truth in a fashion which leaves a false impression as per the intention of the source. A lie near the truth gives the liar a peerless advantage.

A good liar knows effective communication skills and the way to manipulate the target’s mind. They know the interest and aptitude of the target and frame their communication accordingly and avoid stepping up on the live wires.

Keep the unimportant but related facts simple and straight. Change only those aspects which are important ingredients of lie. This will ease out your burden. The needle hidden in a tasty pastry is hard to find and bears the potency to hit.

Tell a lie Successfully

A successful liar himself believes in the lie. He lives his life in the lie. If you don’t believe in it, you loose the chance of convincing someone else. The best liar doesn’t show any shame or remorse because they don’t feel it.

The best liars are Emotional manipulators. Whenever the object becomes suspicious about the facts, they keep the emotional card ready to be played. The emotional or sexual arousal of the object is sufficient to divert his or her attention from the facts and gives the liar a much needed time to align his/her next line of facts.

Accusation and aggression are other techniques to escape or delay immediate detection. This will divert the issue so as to give the liar the time to gather resources to fight another round.

Even if caught, the liar always keeps the card of bargain with him/her. He readily justifies his lies and offer a bargain to decrease his responsibility under the hype of a bright future.

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Tell a lie Successfully: Your lying Eyes
Tell a lie Successfully: Your lying Eyes

Lies will always be bitter in the end, no matter how sweet you made it at the beginning.

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